Monday, January 2, 2012

I can has GPS for life? :D

             Hey everyone. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday like I did. It was filled with good times and my only complaint was that I wished it was longer.

             Like many folks, the new year brings alot of resolutions. I've never been real big into doing these but there is something I wish to figure out about myself in 2012. I would like to figure out who exactly I am or what I have become. I guess "finding myself" is the correct phrase for it yet I have never liked that phrase to begin with.  I don't need to find myself. I'm right here. Haha.

            I think my main issue is that I don't seem to fit in much with alot of people anymore. It's weird that I say that because I feel that being a nerd, I should be able to fit in with those kinds of folks. Most of my friends that have similar tastes, I don't seem to quite fit in with much anymore. Something has changed and I just don't feel like I belong like I used to. Outside of that, there is the attempt to try to fit in with the people that you consider yourself to be. That seems to fail too. After reading the "Nerd Raging" posts around the internet from the various forums and blogs, I'm starting to think that I definitely don't fit in there either. Hell, after viewing all of that nonsense, it seems like my so-called "kind" are nothing but a bunch of jerks who spend all night up in their basement trying to make another person feel dumb by calling them whatever demeaning word possible just to make themselves feel awesome or give them the feeling of "winning the internet." Troll is usually the popular word thrown around amongst these types of forum dwellers. Trying to meet people outside of the internet isn't very successful either. The people who consider themselves the same as myself can be quite frightening when they are out in public. Mostly people I would not find myself caught out in public with. I know it sounds wrong to think that but it sure comes off that way to me. I don't want to sound stuck up or snooty or anything. I far from that kind of person. I just don't think they fit with the kind of person I think I am.

           I do know that the people who I get along with the most in my life is my family. I do believe I have the most awesome and fun family in the world. The only thing there is that I fit in with them outside of my personal hobby. That is a good thing in every way possible. I just need to find or fill that void in the hobby part of my life.

          I think when people think of me, I'm sure they think "nerd." He likes to play games. He doesn't look like a nerd or act like one, but in reality, he is a gaming nerd. Atleast, this is what I have been told from many of people. I don't think that but it's what I'm told.  Maybe I'm just my own person. Maybe I just don't fit in with the stereotype because I am my own stereotype. I have no idea. I do plan on trying to figure this out.

        Outside from all of this "self-finding" crap, the gaming count has gone up quite a bit. Since my last post on Dec. 16th, I have gone from 31 games up to 44 games. I couldn't help the Buy 2 Get 1 free deals at Gamestop. That and I picked up a bit of games from Christmas and some more with gift money.

       Of all those games I have obtained, I keep returning to Rage and Split Second. Both are very fun games and come at a fairly affordable price tag. If you are looking for some affordable fun, I highly recommend you check these games out.


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