Monday, November 28, 2011

Look at me, I'm dancing!

            So, as promised, I am blogging tonight. I have an important topic that has been plaguing my mind for some time now. Hopefully, I can receive some useful explanations for my subject.

            Eversince I quit WoW, I've thrown myself into console gaming heavily. It's something I do every night and if I go without gaming atleast for 30 mins a day, I get the twitch. It sounds sad, I know. It's just my way to relax and unwind.
            Through my many days of racing, FPSing, platforming, RPGing, and action adventuring, I find myself wanting to chat amongst others about my adventures or just talk about gaming in general. My lovely wife provides some great and intelligent discussions but I cannot chat with her all the time about them. She has her hobbies to entertain herself and I do not want to keep her from them. I have my awesome RL friends to chat with on them but I find ourselves not able to chat about things as often as I like because we are all grown up now and have jobs, responsibilities, and significant others that they have to focus their time with. So, I started to browse around the internet in hopes for some intelligent conversation among other games with similar tastes. Boy, I so found the opposite.
            Everywhere I go, no matter what the topic is, there is someone always trying to bash someone for that person's opinion no matter how valid it may be. It starts as a simple crack at their spelling then turns into a flame war about another intelligence and finally turns into complete nonsense about nothing. I search and search and search for anything better. It just turns into the same crap over and over again. Trolls fighting among trolls about trolls. It goes on forever. Is this what the community of gamers have turned into?
            I have pretty much given up in attempts to keep my sanity and decided to just keep my hopeful conversation to my Facebook and Blog. I mean, my friends can't ever get that bad. It's why they are my friends.

             And just for some sake of trying to start up a conversation, I'm trying Borderlands again since my taste for games have changed. So, yeah, Borderlands...DISCUSS!


  1. I can't speak to borderlands but how sick is Skyrim?!

  2. Skyrim is amazing. I never played Oblivion like I was told a million times but Skyrim is just so so epic.

  3. is made of pure awesome times 1000---says the girl that's put over 500 hours into it