Thursday, April 21, 2011

Times are changing

         I've discovered something recently since my big return to gaming on my 360. My taste for games have changed.

        I am/was a huge World of Warcraft player. I've been playing the game roughly since 2005 and aside from the small break here and there, I've been pretty much playing everyday. When I created my own guild is when I really committed myself full time to it. Times were fun and good. Downed the Lich King content pretty well and had alot of fun doing it. My xbox suffered during these times though. I paid it some attention. Mainly after we were pretty much all down with the content and was just really waiting for Cataclysm to come around. Discovered a wonderful game known as Mass Effect during that time. Once Cataclysm came around, I was back in the sattle and on WoW all the time. It wasn't till recently that I was really becoming burnt out of WoW and slowly started to discover my Xbox again. I also discovered that all those great titles that I had passed up for World of Warcraft for at amazingly cheap prices.

       Boy, was I in happy land. I started with buying one or two cheap games to buying alot of them almost multiple times in the same week. I have beaten more games in these past few months than I have than I have in past few years. I also discovered that my taste in types of games have changed as well. I used to be very big into roughly racing games and most FPS games with the occasional shooter on the side. Now, I barely touch racing games and FPS and shooters are really all I play. I've even got into the 3rd person platformers and actions pretty hardcore. My recent change though has me interested in games like Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell. While, I haven't sunk my teeth into any Splinter Cell yet, I'm very interested in them.

      Heck, the biggest surprise for me recently is how much I loved Red Dead Redemption. I was afraid of it being another Grand Theft Auto just set out in the old west. I'm glad I was wrong. Such an amazing game. I spent close to 50hrs on it and I still haven't even fully played through Undead Nightware yet.

     Has anyone else's game tastes changed recently or just over time? Am I just weird and the only one? :D

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