Saturday, April 23, 2011


               I finally made a dent in the already huge list of games in my library that I need to beat. In case, you don't know, I have 30 games in my library of Xbox 360. Until today, I had 11 that needed to be worked on and beaten. I finally made a small ping in those 11 games.

               Portal 2 was a game that I've been waiting a long time for. I loved the first one and practically bought The Orange Box just for Portal. This was also a rare occurrence that I went out on Day 1 of release and paid full price for a brand new game. I rarely do this simply because games are expensive and 60 bucks for a game that could be over in 8-12 hours just doesn't seem like it would be worth the money. Portal 2, despite it's length, was very different from the rest.

              Portal 2, to sum it all up, was just a blast to play. The puzzles were fun and clever and the voice acting was superb. This game had me laughing out loud quite often. GLaDOS was cruel and evil as ever. Her personality makes her an enemy that is easy to love. Wheatley was a very welcomed addition to the game. It was very nice and fresh to have another robot to interact with and listen to. Later in the game, the constant bickering between him and GLaDOS was just priceless. Finally, Cave Johnson, the only human voice you really ever here in the game was just so much fun to listen to. Just hearing what he had to say really opened up how messed up Aperture Science really was. And for 60 bucks, you'd line up too to be a test subject with Jonah Jameson, er I mean Farmers Insurance... uh, Cave Johnson! Yeah, that guy Cave Johnson.

             Despite the game length, I could not recommend Portal 2 enough. You could breeze through this game in about 10-12 hours. I haven't had this much fun in a puzzle game in a very long time. If you are interested, do yourself a favor and pick up Portal first. You'll understand alot of the humor in Portal 2 once you've played through the first one.

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